Our Journey

The tale of Jorasa

With the dream to create wonders for ladies in the field of
apparels so that they can be confident enough to carry  their own and unique style, Jorasa was carved
out in the aisles of Rajasthan way back in 2018 with the assistance of only
three artisans.

As our journey evolves, the passion for manufacturing, block
prints, hand arts, vintage fashion also grew which results in a positive way
for us and currently we are working with more than 60 artisans with us.

We are committed to produce in an ethical and thoughtful manner
thus we serve worldwide with the efficient services which are affordable and

We are so enrooted with the traditional culture that even today we
support artisans, our apparels are made by these local artisans therefore we
always strive to enrich our culture through them.

These local artisans are well equipped in block printing and
manufacturing. They are prolific hand block makers, dyers, hand stitching
artists and many more.

Jorasa apparels are economical and feasible therefore it can belucrative for customers as with the standardised quality price tags alsomatters to them. Thus by evaluating every aspect we at Jorasa always striveforward to make your shopping experience rich of cultural and affordable in cost.